Rome Clientel


Rome Clientel

Rome Clientel, born Jerome Emanuel, is a Hip Hop Artist hailing from a small city in Upstate New York, Elmira.
Rome began his career back in the mid-90’s primarily working with now Super Producer, Just Blaze. After recording a plethora of songs with Just over the course of a couple years, the two parted ways. Rome’s primary focus became raising his children and consequently took an extended “leave of absence” from the Hip Hop world.

Now, after a considerable amount of time passed, Rome Clientel has thrown his hat into the ring once again, this time with a vengeance. His first project debuted in March 2012, sponsored by the heralded titled “The Empire: The Lost Catacombs”. The project was a collection of songs dating back to his time spent with Just Blaze (Warzone 1997), to new material working with the likes of Skyzoo (Holdin it Down) and Tragedy Khadafi (Blue Magic) . The Lost Catacombs became an instant underground classic and was posted on some of the top Hip Hop sites in the world such as and just to name a few.

Rome’s second project to drop in less than a year, “The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds” , was one of the most anticipated EPs of 2012. Sponsored by, The Battlegrounds saw Rome trading bars with the likes of REKS (One Life to Live) , to dropping of the biggest underground anthems of 2012, the ATG produced “Betta Luv ‘Em”. Rome flexed his lyrical muscles on this project, displaying his lyrical abilities as an Emcee as well as covering some of the top social issues in the world today with tracks such as “Free” and “My Inner War”. “The Battlegrounds” became another underground classic from Rome Clientel and caught the attention of Justus League member and Golden Era Music President, Chaundon, who signed Rome to his imprint. The EP also caught the attention of virtually every Hip Hop site globally, as well as Social Media giant Twitter, who subsequently verified his Twitter account by rewarding him with the “Blue Check”.

The Elmira, NY lyricist also dropped many “loose singles” and features for other artist including the hit single “Prison” which was featured on Chaundon’s physical copies of “The Jammington” and one of the top underground hits of the year, “Timeless Classic” ft. Skyzoo off the South African beatsmith’s The Militia’s project with the same name. Rome Clientel’s work in 2012 earned him the title of “Best New Underground Hip Hop Artist” by many Hip Hop sites and those on Underground Hip Hop radio, worldwide.

2013 also shaped up nicely for Rome. While working in the studio for the “Golden Era Music” compilation (February 2014), Mr. Clientel managed to release his best musical output to date, the critically-acclaimed finale to “The Empire” series, “The Coronation”(October 2013) . Sponsored by “The Authority in Hip Hop”, Rome’s Coronation EP is packed with aggressive bars, complete with his gritty trademark delivery and has been featured on SiriusXM radio’s Hip Hop Nation by the world famous DJ Premier as well as the world renown “Halftime Show” by DJ Eclipse. The lead single off “The Coronation” titled “Bang, Bang (The Elmira Anthem) , Rome sets the tone right away with the production by South Africa’s The Militia. The second single may just be the best underground song of the year titled “Champions” produced by the incredible DJ Concept. The track features none other than Skyzoo and Infamous Records own, Realm Reality. This entire project is jam packed with great lyricism, thoughtful topics such as the ATG produced “L.E.G.A.C.Y.”, where Rome describes what he’d like to leave behind for his children, to the controversial “Free at Last (A Slaves Story) where Rome tells us a tale through the eyes of a runaway slave. With production on this 9 track classic coming from 9 different producers across the world, you can clearly see the evolution of the Elmira Emcee leading up to his debut album expected to drop sometime in the near future.

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